About Printism
About Printism

About Printism

Hi, I'm Alan

Printism Media Ltd was started by me, Alan Foster, in August 2016. I've worked in the print trade since 1992 when I started as a skinny, curly haired Trainee Production Controller in a label printing company in Glasgow. The print trade has changed beyond all recognition since then (so have I to be fair) and Printism is a perfect example of a dynamic, new style printing company.

So what do we do....


Printing is our core business and we have two sides to how we supply print. The first is through our online print shop - printism.online - where you will find a massive range of printed products. The site is easy to use  and you will find quality print at near trade prices.

The second is a more traditional print management service. Over the years we've been involved in sourcing a massive variety of print projects. Our UK wide partner printers have helped us in producing all types of work from labels, to stationery, to brochures and magazines, to point of sale and everything else in between and we bring our vast experience to help save our clients time and money by managing their print requirements on their behalf.

Graphic Design

Great print often starts with great graphic design and graphic designers who are experienced in setting up for print are worth their weight in gold. Over the years we've worked with some amazing designers and we see them as valued partners who we call upon as and when required. So, whether you need an eye catching new logo, a simple business card or a full rebrand, we can help.  

Social Media Management For Printers

Printing companies are great at printing but maybe not quite so good at marketing themselves. We all know we should be on social media as part of our marketing strategy and most companies will have set up pages on various platforms but either rarely use them or in some cases don't even use them at all. Sound familiar? Let us help. Get in touch and see how your business can benefit from using a great social media strategy.  

However we work with you, our aim is always to add the maximum value to your business whilst making the experience as stress-free as possible. 

Get in touch to see how we can help you out today.