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My Video Business Card

My Video Business Card

Back in February of this year, my good friends at 29 Studios held their monthly networking event. As part of the event each month anyone who attends is given the opportunity to deliver a 29 second pitch to tell everyone in the room about their business. Whoever gives the best pitch is then given the chance to record a video business card.

As it was Valentine's Day I decided to talk about love. Or more specifically, my love for print. I spoke about how I loved how print looked, felt and most weirdly how much I loved how print smelled! The pitch went down well with the audience and I was lucky enough to be voted the winner.

The following week I went into 29 Studios to film the business card and it's fair to say that didn't go quite as well. In front of camera I was a babbling fool but the guys were brilliant and helped me put something together which looked very professional.

Click on the link here to see the end result and if you're in the Glasgow area I can't recommend the 29 Studios event highly enough.

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